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NEW Salty Engineering G6R Bolt System - Standard

NEW Salty Engineering G6R Bolt System - Standard

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The New Salty Engineering Bolt System is Salty's homage to the beloved "Thumbdrive," This new system has the modularity and highly-engineered upgrades which will breathe new life into your aging G6R. For the first time, players can pick between the soft-shooting F1 Force Pillow Tip and the high efficiency Dye Flex Bolt Tip V2. Players can also switch between the included two pull tabs to match their preferred aesthetic. 

Product Highlights: 

  • Modular Bolt Face System gives Players the best of both worlds. The F1 Pillow Tip which has been show to increase paint handling, and the Dye Tip shown to increase overall performance/efficiency. 
  • Cutting edge body material which reduces thermal expansion and water absorption over the competition. That means longevity. 
  • Dowel style detent system which increases stability and reduces the chance of loosing the detent as compared to using a typical ball bearings. 
  • Modified Detent interface to provide a snappy locking experience.
  • Two interchangeable Rear Pull Tabs which offers the player choice of style. 
  • Improved flow gallery of Bolt Body to increase efficiency over OEM bolt. 
  • Rear Stabilizing O-Ring to reduce bolt tipping during bolt movement. 
  • Improved geometry of F1 Insert over OEM "Thumbdrive"
  • The use of the F1 Force Pillow Tip to ensure readily available replacements for years to come. 
  • The use of Dye's New Flex Bolt Tip V2.
  • Black Nitrided 304 Stainless Steel Bolt Pins

Included in the Kit: 

  • 1 Bolt Body with installed O-rings
  • 1 Field One Tip Insert with F1 Force Pillow Tip.
  • 1 Dye Tip Insert with the Dye Flex Bolt Tip V2. 
  • 1 "standard" Pull Tab, with the Salty spin on it. This is mean to pair well with the standard milling G6R.
  • 1 Salty Fang Pull Tab. This is meant to be used with any body for a sleek, or no show, appearance depending on model/cut of G6R. 
  • All Detent/Pin Hardware
  • Extra Pull Tab Retaining Screw
  • Dye Tip Installation/Removal Tool
  • All Aluminum parts will be anodized Matte Black. 

This is not your typical Bolt system. If you're looking for quick and dirty bolt solution there are plenty of reputable bolts out there! If you're looking for the cutting edge of performance and customization (more to come), then this is the bolt system for you. 

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